Hello my name is Johnny and the girl in the photo with me is my daughter Kinley. I'm a husband of a beautiful wife Tiffany and a father of four daughter's.My daughters are now grown up and now to old to play softball.I started coaching when they were small and in recreational and travel ball.All my daughters played recreational ball but two of them went on to play travel and high school ball.Now the daughter in the photo (Kinley) went on and played college ball.Now Kinley and I coach travel ball to this day.So as you can tell,I have been around the game of softball for many years and have been coaching for around 10 years. To me the sport is something that I have been able to watch my children grow up and fall in love with something. On this site I'm looking for the best product and tips to improve their game and help them to continue on to do what they love best, playing ball. Now Kinley, well she immediately took to the sport. She found the position she loved, which was catching. She spent many of days and nights practicing so that she could earn her spot on JV and Varsity school ball. In 2021 while playing for the Dixi Youth Recreational ball team, she and her amazing team of girls went on to win the state championship game in the 9th inning! That put them in the running for the World Championship game that was hosted in Rustin Louisiana. We had high hopes for them but were competing against some of the countries toughest teams. She played her heart out and I am proud to say that they came runner up! So hopefully sharing our story will help you to love the game as much as we do, and have the passion for something that you love!  

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